In 1925, the Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academia Española) betrayed its protégé, the Castilian language, which has always been —and continues to be— the most widely used Spanish language used worldwide. After 14 properly named editions of its Dictionary and 433 years after the publication of the first Castilian Grammar book, the Royal Spanish Academy removed the proper name from the cover of the Dictionary, as part of a plot where Francisco Franco would later become a co-conspirator. Since 1978, the Royal Spanish Academy has been acting in violation of the Spanish Constitution and has been disrespecting the national heritage.

The Castilian Conspiracy reveals the uncensored truth about the most widely used Spanish language. Through personal studies and anecdotes, quotations, historical facts, little-know rules, and unique observations, author Allan Tépper unfolds while he proposes improvements for the language and its speakers. Now, the second edition has even more proof than before.

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On the cover, you’ll find Antonio de Nebrija (creator of the first Castilian Grammar book) and Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quijote de la Mancha). On the back cover of the print version, you’ll find Andrés BelloVicente FoxIlan Chester and the author Allan Tépper.



Editorial reviews

What a fascinating little book!
The Castilian Conspiracy reflects a lifetime’s work and love for the language. I love the cat anecdote and the “bionic cat” dream. Also, the Castilian spellings of United States cities and states is a revelation. The Castilian Conspiracy book solves a riddle that we dealt here regarding our monthly “Spanish” page in the diocesan newspapers– where various communities previously quarreled over the term “Spanish” and couldn’t seem to agree on anything.


Tépper’s writing style really appeals to me: accessible, interesting, creative and fluid. It’s a natural, convincing, and credible voice that draws the reader into a story that might not otherwise read or have an interest in.


Brian Wallace
Director of Communications
Diocese of Bridgeport
Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States


Must read!

In a straightforward way, without need of any unnecessary convolutions and only in search of pure truth about our language, its spelling and syntax, this professional in love with our native Castilian language presents us with an exhaustive investigation.… La conspiración del castellano (or its English adaptation, The Castilian Conspiracy) is a book that all Castilian-speakers must read.

Mayra Blanco-Martínez



The ISBN for the print version is: 978-1734329414
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Original Castilian version

This book, The Castilian Conspiracy, is an adaptation of the original La conspiración del castellano, also from Allan Tépper. For more information, please visit Laconspiració